PiPi wooden toys


Baby's world

Crib mobiles

Wooden crib mobiles for a baby • Our colourful cot mobiles visually stimulate the baby, encouraging their growth and development, while also gently lulling them into blissful sleep. From the first day of your newborn being home, they become a companion and reveal to them the beauty of the surrounding world.


Colorful wooden rattles • Our wooden rattles are the perfect first toys for your newborn to help them develop new skills. They help the baby to learn how to visually track an object, train their grasp and motor skills by gradually transferring the rattle from one hand to the other. With their gentle shape and sound, our wooden rattles stimulate the baby's senses – vision, hearing and motor skills.

Small buddies

Pull along

Wooden pull along toys • Our toys are favourite of toddlers all thanks to their bright colours and cuteness. They help teach your little ones about cause and effect, improve coordination and a child's motor skills. Suitable for both playing at home and walking in the park.

Push along

Wooden push along toys • Small push along buddies are great early developmental toys. They can be used for physical, cognitive and emotional development. They encourage movement, develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Great for early walker to gain strength and balance.

For playing

Wooden toys for assembly and play • Our little buddies are fun and functional hand-made wooden toys, designed to harness a child’s imagination and focus their energy in healthy ways. They help improve skills necessary for your child's development such as balance and coordination.

Puzzles & Sorters


Colorful wooden puzzles • Wooden puzzles for toddlers help them to develop logic, observation, problem-solving skills and critical thinking. The size of the parts and the material from which they are made are tailored not only to the intellectual but also to the physical development of the child.

Balance toys

Sort and balance toys • Our hand-made wooden balance toys bring joy to the child while helping them to develop logical thinking, fine motor skills, balance, coordination and counting.


Colored wooden sorters • Sorting and grouping things together is an important cognitive skill. Our sorters teach your toddler to notice similarities and differences, learn to categorise, and develop early literacy and numeracy skills.

Toys on wheels


Wooden cars and trucks • Meet our wooden cars and trucks made with natural wood, with no chemical harmful substances, light, easy to operate, fun to play with and easy to clean and maintain.


Didactic wooden trains • Wooden train sets are fun for kids and adults alike. Furthermore, they help build confidence, improve memory and concentration skills, enhance visual recognition, hand-eye coordination, sorting, orientation and dexterity.


Wooden story role-playing sets • Our handmade, customised, wooden sets with vehicles provide the ideal setting for a long-lasting role play, that helps children learn, imagine and have fun with friends or on their own.

Fun Games

Board Games

Wooden board games • Board Games offer opportunities for early learning while creating connections and strengthening relationships. They are an easy way to encourage healthy brain development, teamwork, language skills, logic, concentration and problem-solving.

Brain Teasers

Colorful wooden puzzles • Our wooden brain teasers and puzzles boost creativity, utilise child's cognitive skills, help to improve the ability to learn, problem-solving skills, and memory. They also improve the mood as solving them increases the levels of dopamine – the chemical that makes us happier.