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PiPi wooden toys™ is a family-run, handcraft company, based in Bulgaria - EU. We make toys with little wood and a lot of love.

The heart and the hands of what we do is the creator of the company – Anatoli Popov. He grew up surrounded by wood in his grandad's workshop, the smells and the texture of the pure material became part of who he is. He went on to study wood carving at the National High School of Applied Arts "Tryavna Art School" and has a degree in Wood Carving from the National Academy of Art.

Our wooden toys are educational, fun and created to be sustainable, robust and to bring children closer to nature. They aim to provoke, inspire and bring families closer.

Our toys are inspired by the Montessori method, age-appropriate grouped, all of them are created with harmless sustainable materials.

Anatoli Popov